Build P7

Build Parcel 7

Boston, MA

Project Overview

  • The Fenway Center is a transformative urban, smart growth, transit and renewable energy-oriented mixed-use development that is fully permitted and shovel ready. The 1.3 million square foot Fenway Center mixed-use project is being built over two phases on 4.5 acres of land and air space.
  • The Fenway Center project, which will include three key components: 1) a main 22-story high-rise building, 2) a 12-story mid-rise building, and 3) a shared use automated garage that will be accessible to both buildings.
  • Throughout construction, the project will coordinate with the City of Boston and MassDOT to provide information on construction progress, overall schedule and project progress updates, and a look-ahead at travel impacts for the upcoming two-week period
  • Transportation Benefits
    o Successfully completed the new full-service Lansdowne Station abutting Fenway Center in 2014.
    o Designed and assisted in completing the new David Ortiz Way and Maitland/Overland St roadway improvements in 2015.
    o New multi-modal connections to free LMA shuttles and MBTA buses and Green Line at Fenway, Kenmore and Blandford stations.
    o Intercept parking for Fenway Park, the Longwood Medical Area, Kenmore Square and the Lansdowne Street Entertainment District.