Build P7


Total Economic Benefits

o Annual taxes are expected to increase from $150,000 to over $15 million at the conclusion of Phase 2.
o Over 2,000 construction jobs.
o Over 3,000 permanent new jobs.
o 33 on-site affordable housing units.
o $6 million in off-site housing and developer impact payments to the City of Boston.
o $1.3 billion private investment generating more than $3 billion in economic impact over 99-year Lease term.
o Improvement of underperforming and primarily tax-exempt vacant land and air rights:
▪ Transit oriented development located adjacent to improved Lansdowne Commuter Rail Station, Kenmore and Fenway Green Line Stations, Fenway Park, BU and LMA.
▪ Shared-use parking garage for neighborhood, retailers, Fenway Park and provision of intercept parking for Longwood Medical Area, a priority economic engine in Boston and the Commonwealth.
▪ Combination of public and private investment in land and air rights of interest to the City of Boston and the Commonwealth.
o Economic multiplier effect totaling over $3 billion in Net Present Value over 99-year Lease term.

Public Realm Benefits

o Mixed use residential and commercial development including shared use parking, retail, restaurants and cafes.
o Activating 1,100 linear feet of street edges and windswept bridges surrounding newly renovated full-service Lansdowne Station and David Ortiz Way.
o Multiple new pedestrian connections and green space between Beacon St., Brookline Ave, Lansdowne Station, David Ortiz Way, Fenway Park and Boston University.
o Creation of 1.6 acres of open green space.

Environmental Benefits

o Transportation and renewable energy-oriented smart growth mixed use development including Lansdowne commuter rail station, bike rentals, Zip cars, MASCO bus way to Longwood Medical Area and new pedestrian and vehicular roadway improvements.
o Walkable work, living and play spaces without the need for a car.
o LEED GOLD certified Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Other Benefits

o The project is consistent with the City of Boston / MassDOT “A Civic Vision for Turnpike Air Rights in Boston” (2000).
o Public art, bike share stations and Zip cars.
o Improves access to public transportation.
o Improves public safety.
o Replaces surface parking lots and windswept bridges with new residences, job creating office, lab and retail businesses, and public open space.
o Adds new and improved pedestrian walkways and emergency evacuation routes.
o Covers a 2-acre expanse over the MA Turnpike and MBTA rail corridor.
o Increases non-student year-round area residents and businesses.
o Provides new green space and landscaped pedestrian ways and gathering places.